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Meskhi Lines

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Slava Meskhi

Dear Contemporaries!
This is a short message from Tralfamadore.
Nothing new in my life, but still… I am here. Looking backward to hear from you, but you’ll not be able to read my messages in your friend-list, all of them will be backdated. Now, thanks to Billy, I know how permanent all the moments are, and I can look at any moment that interests me.
All my really significant moments are in the Past, you can find them updated on Meskhi Lines.
“so, it goes”
Have a Good Past!
Slava Meskhi, The Pilgrim.

Free Georgian Fonts

Short stories in Georgian

Shairi - შაირი

Georgian proverbs

Georgian language dictionary, with Russian translation, by Niko Chubinashvili, created in 1812-1825 and first published in 1961

Words life - Georgian language

Тифлисъ и его окрестности. Иллюстрированный путеводитель, справочная и адресная книжка. Изд. Тифлисскій журналъ, 1913 г.

Пу Сун-лин


Old Tbilisi Photos


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Social capital

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